Japanese poets

  1. Santoka Taneda Haiku
  2. Osamu Dazai
  3. Ryunosuke Akutagawa
  4. Misuzu Kaneko
  5. Akiko Yosano
  6. Masaoka Shiki
  7. Hakushu Kitahara
  8. Takuji Ote
  9. Takahama Kyoshi
  10. Kenji Miyazawa
  11. Michizo Tachihara
  12. Satoshi Ueda
  13. Sakutaro Hagiwara
  14. Bokusui Wakayama
  15. Jūkichi Yagi
  16. Poètes japonais influencés par Mallarmé
Santoka Taneda Haiku
Santoka Taneda Haiku poet free-form haiku 1882~1940

Osamu Dazai
Japanese novelist
Osamu Dazai 1909~1948 Masterpiece No Longer Human

Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Ryunosuke Akutagawa (March 1, 1892 – July 24, 1927) was a Japanese novelist. His pseudonym is Choukodo Shujin, and his haiku pseudonym is Gaki. He is from Tokyo. He is known for « The Nose », « Rashomon », « Jigokuhen », « Gear », etc.

Misuzu Kaneko
Misuzu Kaneko She was a female poet who died at the age of 26。Still, she left 500 works with hope in her heart.
Her life was a tragic one! she had many painful experiences
She is a tragic poet.

Akiko Yosano
Akiko Yosano is a Japanese poet, writer, and thinker. Her real name is Shi Yosano. Her maiden name is Feng. The « Akira » in her pseudonym « Akiko » is taken from her real name. Her husband is Yosano Tekkan, who is also a poet. She published her tanka in the magazine Myojo and became a central figure in romantic literature.
Masaoka Shiki
Masaoka Shiki is a Japanese haiku poet, poet, and Japanese language researcher. His name is regular. His childhood name was Shonosuke, which he later changed to Masu. He is one of the representative literary figures of the Meiji era who had a great influence on modern Japanese literature with his creative activities in various fields such as haiku, tanka, new style poetry, novels, criticism, and essays.

Hakushu Kitahara
Hakushu Kitahara (real name: Ryukichi Kitahara, January 25, 1885 – November 2, 1942) was a Japanese poet, Children’s song writer, poet.

Takuji Ote
Takuji Ote (November 3, 1887 [December 3 according to family register] – April 18, 1934) was a Japanese poet. He devoted his life to the dual life of an office worker and a poet. Since I was a student, I have suffered from deafness in my left ear and headaches, and since then I have been repeatedly hospitalized and hospitalized for various illnesses. He died of tuberculosis in hospital.

Takahama Kyoshi
Takahama Kyoshi (former style: Haruko Takahama, February 22, 1874 – April 8, 1959) was born during the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras. Actor and novelist of all ages. Her real name is Kiyoshi Takahama.

Kenji Miyazawa
Kenji Miyazawa
Created works rooted in Buddhist (Lotus Sutra) faith and farmer’s life. He is known for naming the fictitious Utopia that appears in his works Ihatov (also known as Ihatov, Ihatovo, etc.) with his hometown of Iwate as a motif. During his lifetime, his works were largely unknown to the general public, and after his death, thanks to the efforts of Shinpei Kusano, his works became widely known, his reputation rapidly increased, and he became a nationally known artist, and even now he is widely admired in Japan. exists.

Michizo Tachihara

Michizo Tachihara

Tachihara was a Japanese poet who was active in the early Showa period and died suddenly at the age of 24 years and 8 months. He also left his mark as an architect. His other pseudonyms are Yoshihiko Miki and Yoshihiko Yamaki. He graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Imperial University with a bachelor’s degree in engineering. He received the Tatsuno Award from the same department for three years in succession while studying at the University of Tokyo’s Department of Architecture, and in 1938 he received the Chuya Nakahara Award for his poetry.

Satoshi Ueda
Satoshi Ueda is a Japanese critic, poet, and translator. His degree is Doctor of Literature. He is a professor at Kyoto Imperial University’s Literature College. His clan is Shizuoka Prefecture Shizoku. Since he called himself ‘Yanagimura’, he also wrote under the name of Yanagimura Ueda.

Yanagihara Byakuren
Yanagihara Byakuren (October 15, 1885 – February 22, 1967) was a poet from the Taisho to Showa periods. Her real name is Akiko Miyazaki, and her maiden name is Yanagiwara[1], Kitakoji, Ito. She is one of the three beauties of Taisho. She is known for the Byakuren Incident.
His father was Count Sakimitsu Yanagihara. His mother was Ryo Okutsu, one of Maekitsu’s concubines and the daughter of a fallen samurai who had become a geisha in Yanagibashi. She is the niece of Emperor Taisho’s biological mother, Yanagihara Aiko, and she is Emperor Taisho’s cousin.

Sakutaro Hagiwara
Sakutaro Hagiwara 1986~1942 He lived in my neighborhood. Poet of the Taisho era 。
He was influenced by the French poet Baudelaire. his face looks like jean cocteau

Bokusui Wakayama
Bokusui Wakayama (August 24, 1885 – September 17, 1928[1]) was a poet in prewar Japan. His real name is Shigeru.
Jūkichi Yagi

Poètes japonais influencés par Mallarmé


Thank you to Katsuya Eitaro Saito, peintre de Tokyo

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